Storm Restoration and Recovery

Storms damage more than roofs and siding— they shake your peace of mind. Let us support you in your recovery with our compassionate and honest expertise.

View of a storm lighting up the night sky through home window. Keyprime handles storm damage repair & restoration, call today

Fast Support For Minnesota Homeowners When They Need It Most.

Minnesota’s storms are some of the toughest in America. Strong rains and high winds bring down tree branches on your roof, hail impact causes water leaks in your home’s exterior, and heavy ice and snow can buckle gutters and put your structure at risk. 

When your home is damaged in the wake of serious weather, you don’t have time to waste in protecting your property and your family. 

The problem? Most homeowners can’t assess home damage and don’t know how to field insurance claims. This means your payout can be thousands less than what you need to cover the full extent of your post-storm repair. 

At Keyprime, we help homeowners get a real look at the damage fast. We also help you navigate your insurance claim so you have the power to bring your home back to its pre-storm strength as quickly as possible. 

When storm damage puts your family at risk, call Keyprime. Located in the heart of the Twin Cities, our response and expertise is unmatched. Our crews are fully certified and insured for worry-free recovery.

Delivering Results


John Vomhof Jr.

William and the team at Keyprime were great to work with. They did our roof and siding replacement after a hailstorm, and we could not be more pleased with the results.This was probably the best experience we’ve ever had with a contractor. Would highly recommend them.

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