Our Gutter Covers Make
Maintenance Easy

Reduce your seasonal maintenance time, prevent clogs, and get five years of free cleaning with any Keyprime-installed gutter cover system.

Gutter Guards Designed With Your Home In Mind.

Want to keep your gutters clog-free without the danger of ladders and lawn hoses? Our clients love how much time our gutter guards save in seasonal home maintenance. Not to mention eliminating the risk of injuring yourself while regularly cleaning gutters. But gutter covers do more than keep leaves from clogging downspouts. Smart homeowners know that installing the right guard for their home comes with other powerful benefits.

Not convinced? Here are three more great reasons to boost your gutter system with guards this year:

#1. Keep Your Home’s Foundation Strong

You know leaves, asphalt shingle particulates, dust, and more build up in your gutters—making it difficult for your roof to shed water. But did you know poor drainage contributes to erosion of your home’s essential structure? Foundation wear, mold, and basement flooding can all result from poor gutter drainage. Installing covers helps prevent debris build up and keeps water out.

#2. Protect Your Gutters from Rust

Stagnant wet debris puts your gutters at risk of premature rust and leaks. Save money long-term by protecting your gutters from early failure. 

#3. Protect Your Home From Fire

Live in a wooded area? Is your home surrounded by pine trees? Pine needles and other dry debris in your gutters become a tinderbox on the roof of your home. Don’t let a stray ember from a good cookout put your home at risk. Gutter covers stop build up and keep your home safe.

Explore Our Most Popular Gutter Cover Systems Below

When you choose KeyPrime for your gutter guard installation, we don’t offer a one-size-fits all solution. Instead, our qualified crew can recommend the best guard to fit your home’s landscaping challenges and your budget. 

In addition, you’ll get five years of free cleaning service and a Lifetime “No Clog” Warranty when we install your gutter covers!

‍Premier Gutter Covers

Keep the rainwater flowing without clogging your gutters with Premier Gutter Covers. These gutter covers channel water through a 1” expanded aluminum opening. Their design allows for maximum water flow, while using rainwater to wash away virtually every form of debris.

Premium Gutter Covers’ patented design has a flat flush strong aluminum with UV powder coat finish that fits 4” to 6” gutters. They also have a patented self-cleaning design.

LeafProof Gutter Covers

The biggest cause of gutter failure is the speed of drainage. What does this mean? When a high-slope roof drains during heavy rainfall, water can hit your gutter and ‘bounce out’, leaking down the side of your home instead of draining through your gutter.

LeafProof’s patented “S-Bend” system solves this for good. It’s unique shape is designed to reverse and churn water run-off, creating maximum surface tension and complete drainage. 

For a gutter guard that protects from blocked gutters and maximizes drainage, LeafProof is our #1 choice. 

LeafRelief Gutter Covers

Is your home in a high-debris area—closely surrounded by high-shed deciduous trees or pines? LeafRelief is the right fit for you.

Designed for maximum protection against small debris, LeafRelief gutter guards easily install over your existing gutters and provide immediate relief from troubling debris. 

When clear, these guards shed 29.7” of water per hour. And if obstruction does happen? These guards still handle an impressive 19” per hour of rainfall! 

LeafRelief is a durable vinyl guard that is UV resistant and stays flexible throughout any season- and certified through the National Green Building Standard (NGBS). Perfect for cabins, vacation homes, and wooded retreats where you need the security of year-round roof and gutter protection. 

Not sure which gutter cover is right for your home? Call KeyPrime today and schedule your on-site estimate!

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