Exterior Trim, Fascia, and Soffit

Finishing touches are our speciality. Let us make your Minnesota home a masterpiece with details that last a lifetime. Interested? Read more below.

Elevate your home's exterior

Corner of home comprised of beige brick, white gutters, green tiles on roof. Keyprime Roofing handles all 3, call today.

Smart Homeowners Know Small Details Make A Big Difference

You know the details on your home’s exterior increase its curb appeal, value, and completeness. 

But why pay for trim, soffit, and fascia? Is it only a matter of aesthetics?

As it turns out...no. 

Soffit, fascia, and trim play an essential role in helping your home’s major systems function at their highest level. Expertly installed, these elements protect your home from pests, promote good ventilation, increase indoor air quality, and help your roof live up to its life expectancy.

What’s more, these finishing touches increase your home’s value and help you protect the value of your most important asset. 

Call the KeyPrime crew today to book your appointment and see how professionally installed finishing touches can elevate the exterior of your home. 

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