Winter-Proof Your Home
With Attic Insulation

Poor attic insulation costs Minnesota homeowners millions in wasted utilities, roof damage, and interior moisture abatement every year. Ready to protect your home?

Family home with attic insulation in repair, wood, tools & ladder included. Need roof insulation? Call Keyprime Roofing

Minnesota Homeowners Choose Us for Insulation. Here’s Why:

Is old, compacted, or inadequate attic insulation causing your roof to ice dam and your energy bills to soar? Let the professional crew at KeyPrime assess your home’s insulation and make your home comfortable for your family this winter.

KeyPrime offers both cellulose and fiberglass insulation, each “blown in” to achieve maximum volume and protection from heat loss. What can you expect when you have our crew reinforce your attic’s insulation?

  • Lower Utility Bills: Unlike rolled insulation, professionally blown insulation doesn’t miss a single crack or gap. This keeps your heat inside your home- not your attic!
  • Increased Interior Comfort: Discover fewer drafts and warmer winters without cranking the thermostat. 
  • Fewer Ice and Snow Dams: Insulation and proper ventilation keep your roof from melting unevenly in heavy snow and ice fall- meaning you have consistent water runoff your roof was designed to handle. This means less stress on your roof and fewer ice/snow dams.
  • Peace and Quiet: Homeowners love how quiet their homes are after professional insulation! Experience reduced noise from traffic, storms, and more.

Our products are safe and non-flammable. Plus, our expert installation is backed with the leading industry warranties. Don’t spend another year paying to heat your attic instead of your home. Call us for a free insulation estimate today!

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