Minnesota’s Strongest Steel Siding

Looking for a siding solution that lasts a lifetime? Consider Keyprime’s steel siding. Our professional installation and top-quality materials mean decades of worry-free protection. Read more below.

Portion of home with light blue siding & white trim windows. Keyprime installs your windows, doors & siding to your liking

Top Exterior Protection from Minnesota’s Worst Storms

No chipping. No peeling. No rust. 

Storm after storm, your steel siding will remain strong and beautiful. Straight seams and flawless edges will transform your home with clean, modern design. 

For Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners looking for beauty and strength, steel siding is the best solution for your exterior. Perfect for cabins, lake houses, and more, engineered steel siding means virtually maintenance-free protection no matter what. 

Plus, this material is known for its superior energy savings. Cut heating and cooling costs year round when you choose Keyprime for your steel siding installation!

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