Insulated Siding and Exterior Insulation

Save money on utilities and increase your home’s weather resistance with KeyPrime’s professionally installed insulated siding. Learn more below.

What if your Minnesota home was stronger, quieter, and more comfortable? 

The best time to insulate your home is during its build—but for many homeowners, post-construction wall insulation isn’t an option!

Do you live in an older or historic home with uncomfortable drafts? While attic and crawl space insulation improves interior comfort, what if there was a way to:

  • Insulate your home’s exterior
  • Increase the interior quietness of your home
  • And give your home additional moisture resistance to Minnesota’s seasonal storms?

Good news: KeyPrime has the solution!

When you book an exterior update with KeyPrime, we can also install insulative barriers to your home’s external structure. How does this work? Great question! We offer two options.

First, homeowners installing vinyl siding can choose a product with built-in insulation. The upfront cost is easily recouped in savings on heating throughout Minnesota’s harsh winter months. 

Not installing vinyl siding? Engineered wood siding, cement siding, and many other facade options can be installed over separate insulative sheets. In this process, our crew increases your home’s insulation by adding a sublayer under your chosen exterior material to give you the benefit of a better insulated home. 

We make Minnesota winters easy for homeowners! Call us today to schedule your free estimate!

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