Your Roof: Repair vs. Replace

July 25, 2017

Maintaining your home’s roof is important to the overall integrity of your home. Depending on where you live, a roof can keep your home cool for the warm summer months, and also provide a strong collector for the winter snow. Either way, you may encounter times when you will need to repair or if it comes to it, replace your roof. Take a look below at what could lead you to give us at Keyprime a call in the future!

Ongoing Leaks

Ongoing minor leaks are arguably the worst problem your roof can have. A small defect in a shingle or a compromised exhaust pipe seal, allows water into your attic without being a cause for alarm. Such a leak will only get worse and eventually reach your living space, but in the meantime cause mold and structural damage to your home. This can leads to more expensive repairs than what the original roof leak may have cost to repair. An ongoing leak caught in the beginning, can be fixed with a simple repair, but unseen for too long and you may find yourself replacing your roof.

Bad Roof Install

Unfortunately, there are times when roofing is installed by people who don’t know how to do it properly. This can lead to small leaks, loosening shingles, and other damage to your home. As the damage spreads, it could lead to rot and mold, bugs, and create a humid environment in your home potentially exposing your drywall to harmful damp temperatures. In the case of a bad roof install, you will need to replace the entire roof, but it’s best to have a professional come and inspect your roof before fully committing.

Home Remodel

Remodeling your home may be the perfect time to upgrade your roof, but knowing when to repair and when to replace is important when remodeling, because of your budget. Traditional styled roofs in America were once thatched, then made of cedar shingles. The modern paradigm is still the asphalt shingle for economy and functionality, although new roofing styles are becoming more popular. Cedar shingles maintain a classic look and perform beyond no other when properly maintained while Metal roofing comes in different forms and with built in insulation while being built of eco-friendly recyclable material. Taking these things into consideration, look at your budget and see what works for you to create your dream home.

To get the best advice on whether you should repair or replace your roof give Keyprime Roofing a call at 952-423-0132. We specialize in all types of home improvements and are happy to help you bring your vision to life.

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