When to Repair and When to Re-Roof

August 8, 2016

The roof on your house is rugged and durable, requiring very little attention while holding a strong duty to protect you and your family from the weather. Occasionally, your roof requires a bit of TLC in the form of maintenance or repair as the weather eventually takes a toll on your roof’s structural integrity. Eventually, your roof is going to need to be replaced as a better solution than conducting ongoing repairs throughout the year.

Standard Repairs and Maintenance

Standard repairs and maintenance apply to a number of things that normally happen to a roof. The boots around exhaust vents and the tar sealants around chimneys tend to wear out before shingles and need to be replaced. On occasion a heavy wind may knock a shingle loose and it either needs to be tacked back into place or replaced with a single new shingle. The design of your roof accommodates these repairs as they are normal and expected during the lifetime of your roof.

Intricate Repairs

Intricate repairs cover excessive damage you wouldn’t typically expect. A heavy wind might remove a section of your roof and you need 15-20 shingles replaced even though the rest is still under warranty and functioning perfectly. A tree limb falling on your roof may require replacing the underlay board, tar paper, and a few shingles. You can trust an experienced roofing contractor to know how to conduct such repairs quickly and efficiently.

When to Replace Your Roof

You replace your roof to protect the rest of your house from the damage which occurs when water leaks in as you await regular maintenance. If you’re hiring a contractor to come make repairs several times per year, it’s time to consider a full replacement. A full replacement is a big job, but it’s a lot less expensive than having to pay for mold removal and replacement of rotted structural framing or permanently stained drywall because you allowed the leak to continue.

Although you don’t actively use your roof every day, it’s an important aspect of your house as part of the architectural design. You have to take care of your roof in order to protect your home as a home, and as an investment. Without maintaining proper roof repair and restoration, your house will eventually rot away into worthlessness as moisture is allowed in to destroy the underlying structure.

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