The Big Advantages of Vinyl Siding

April 24, 2017

In the world of home improvement, few siding options compare to the durability, flexibility and utility of vinyl siding. If you’re considering a roof replacement, a roof repair or even a simple home upgrade, it might be time to consider adding vinyl siding. It’s selected as part of 32 percent of new home construction designs, and it’s become somewhat of a homeowner’s trend. Below, we’ve collected the five biggest advantages of vinyl siding for your convenience.

Advantage One: Versatility

Vinyl siding is available in hundreds of colors, profiles and textures. In fact, it’s one of the most flexible home improvement options you can get. Even if you’re considering cedar shakes, you can customize a vinyl siding installation to look classic, wooden and unique. Vinyl siding is available in Victorian styles, too, making it a great contemporary option for lovers of classic looks.

Advantage Two: Low Maintenance

Vinyl siding requires an incredibly low amount of maintenance. Because it resists rot, pests and even harsh weather, it’s an incredibly viable budget choice. Simple cleaning aside, you don’t need to set hours aside to maintain your vinyl siding.

Advantage Three: Economic Energy Conservation

Among the home improvements made to reduce energy costs, vinyl siding installations are leading the way. Vinyl siding prevents a home’s heat loss between exterior wall studs—reducing thermal bridging. A lot of households have insulation in these areas, but few siding options actually protect a home’s temperature from a purely exterior aspect.

Advantage Three: Resistance to Heavy Wind

While rain, sleet and snow are common siding threats, wind can be devastating. Fortunately, vinyl siding can resist winds up to 200 mph, protecting a household for many years. Modern vinyl siding installations are well-tested, and the industry is always dishing out new vinyl designs, implementations and maintenance options.

Advantage Four: It's Economic

Vinyl siding is sustainable, price-wise, making it a “green” home addition. For this reason, a lot of homeowners are choosing vinyl over other options. It simply outperforms other exterior siding options, like brick, and offers incredible economic value. If you need to insulate your house, vinyl siding is your best option. On every level, it’s a fantastic addition to a home which offers both aesthetic and functional progression.

Advantage Five: It's Easily Installed

Talk to your provider today, and consider installing vinyl siding during your home’s next check-up. Vinyl is incredibly easy to install, and its installation is also nonintruisive. Who knows? A simple window installation, deck repair or simple modification could lead to a completely outfitted home.

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