Storm Damage Repairs

June 13, 2016

You may think of storm damage as being associated with the winter weather and the weight of snow and ice, but summer storms can also cause damage to your house. Hail can cause unsightly dings and scratches, and can either directly damage aspects of the home or cause damage via debris or fallen tree limbs. Hopefully you’ll never have to manage such damage, but the best way to handle it is to be prepared beforehand with a plan for what to do should it occur.


Losing shingles to wind is perhaps the most common damage caused by summer storms. Although replacing shingles isn’t a difficult job, it can be tricky to properly layer the new shingles without damaging the existing ones, and it may require certain safety measures according to the pitch of any particular roof. Other damage can occur to the boots and roofing tar which seal the chimney and exhaust pipes coming through your roof which require the knowledge and experience of a professional roofing contractor to properly repair.

Siding and Windows

Damage caused by summer storms isn’t limited to the roof. Similar to shingles, siding can be blown loose by heavy winds or damaged by hail. Because of the way siding overlaps to provide a seal to the outside of your house, it takes finesse to replace and often requires specialty tools the typical homeowner wouldn’t have access to.

Windows can be damaged as well. Broken glass is the type of repair a contractor’s experience and connections can address more efficiently than a do-it-yourself'er, as the contractor knows exactly how the window fits and should be removed along with knowing where to get the replacement glass. The wood, metal, or vinyl window casing can also be damaged in which case a contractor’s experience allows them to know what options are available as to repair techniques or whether the damage would be better dealt with by replacing the entire window.

Building a Relationship with a Contractor

The best way to deal with storm damage is to be prepared ahead of time. If you have other projects around the house, you can use them to build a relationship and trust with a contractor. The contractor who already knows your house is going to be more efficient, and a contractor who understands your expectations is going to do a better job according to your scheduling and pricing requirements.

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