Siding Repairs after Winter Storms

May 23, 2016

Depending upon where you live, winter storms can take a toll on the exterior of your home. It’s nothing to be worried or upset about, your house was designed to protect you and your family from the weather, but part of the design incorporates an understanding you’ll need occasional repairs and maintenance. Today’s home siding will last multiple lifetimes if properly cared for, including a bit of routine roof maintenance and cosmetic repair as part of spring cleaning after the winter storms.

Maintenance Free Siding

Maintenance free siding is a nominal term because it will conduct its structural job without requiring regular maintenance, but still needs a bit of care to maintain its cosmetic appeal over time. Fiber cement siding products such as James Hardie cement board is the cream of the crop of siding materials for rugged durability and great looks. Typically it only needs to be pressure washed to look brand new, but it’s stronger than the rest of your house. You’ll need to replace calking and maintain the joints between your windows, doors and roof with cement board siding to maintain the structural and cosmetic integrity of your home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding also requires very little maintenance. It needs to be pressure washed according to where you live and the amount of pollen which collects. Sometimes a storm can blow a piece of vinyl siding off the house, but that’s normal and expected. The underlying house wrap provides a short term level of protection until damaged siding can be repaired. After 30-40 years, vinyl can eventually become permanently stained but still maintain its structural integrity toward protecting the rest of your home. At some point you’ll want to replace vinyl siding, and when you do your house will take on the appearance of being a brand new home again.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes provide an unmatched look of exquisite class and quality. However, cedar shakes require a steady schedule of ongoing maintenance in order to perform their function. They have to be washed and resealed on a regular basis, the time frame for such tasks depends on your specific location and what weather your house is exposed to. When a winter storm knocks a cedar shake off your house, it’s a simple job to replace it. With proper care and maintenance, cedar shakes provide both protection and beauty for your home which is unmatched by any other form of siding.

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