Roofing Replacement: Traditional or Modern?

May 15, 2017

Unfortunately, the roof of every house eventually has to be replaced. In the past, although there were options available people generally assumed they would use asphalt shingles as a roof covering whether they decided to use a standard gray or a more adventurous color. With today's technology, there are more options available depending on whether you prefer sheer value and cost, beautiful cosmetic appeal, or eco-friendly roofing which may lower your monthly power bill.

Asphalt Shingles: Practicality and Price

Even though other roofing options are gaining popularity, asphalt shingles are still to a large extent the paradigm of roof coverings. They're fairly simple to install which lowers the cost of labor, they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other roofing options, and they have a time proven rugged durability which makes them a great value. Asphalt shingles are a great product and many people don't need to even consider other options because they already know they want asphalt shingles on their roof.

Metal Roofing: Value Over Time

Metal roofing provides greater value over time because they are nearly impossible to wear out over time unless a major accident with a tree occurs. Metal roofing may once have only been considered appropriate for barns and outbuildings, but modern metal roofs have come a long way since then. They can come in a variety of colors with different contour styles, and are available in panels with insulation added for an extra layer of protection. The most important feature of metal roofing for some people is that it's environmentally friendly as it can be recycled if a need for replacement ever does come up, the roofing is made of recycled material, and the extra insulation lowers power usage.

Cedar Shakes: Traditional Appeal and Rugged Endurance

Very few things can match the timeless beauty of cedar shakes. Cedar shake shingles aren't for every homeowner because they do require ongoing maintenance to prevent rot and continue to look nice, but if something happens the roof is designed for simple repairs as the installation process provides a means to remove and replace shingles one at a time if needed. Generally speaking though, if they are refinished according to an appropriate time schedule and the sealants around chimneys and exhaust vents are properly maintained, cedar shakes will serve the home's needs through many generations of homeowners while providing an impressive exterior appearance.

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