Pros and cons to replacing siding when it's cold outside

February 4, 2022

Winter in Minnesota gets a bad rap. Yeah, it’s cold, snowy, less sunny, and always seems to bleed into the springtime months, but that doesn’t mean that the world stops spinning. It doesn’t mean that all outdoor work has to stop, either. There are some jobs that can be completed no matter what the season. Siding installation is one of those jobs. What are the pros and cons of installing siding in the colder months?

Pro No. 1: Installation timing that fits your schedule.

Contractors are less busy when it’s cold outside, so they’re more likely to be available to complete your job at a time that is convenient for you, especially if you schedule it far enough in advance. Note that, as of the writing of this blog, siding products are backlogged six to eight weeks, so if you want to take advantage of this benefit, you’ll want to call your contractor sooner rather than later. Even if that keeps work from being done this winter, now is still a great time to schedule your project.

Pro No. 2: It’s not summer.

So much outdoor work occurs in the summer, but that’s also a great time to be outside spending time in your yard or on your deck or patio. It’s easier to enjoy the outdoors when you don’t have to worry about crews, equipment, or materials. Instead, have the work completed when it’s a little colder so, when winter melts away, you can marvel at your home’s spiffy new exterior.

Pro No. 3: You don’t have to worry about landscaping.

Another benefit of having work completed in the colder months is that you don’t have to be concerned about your yard, garden, or landscaping being compromised. Your beautiful outdoor elements won’t get damaged if the ground is frozen solid. They’ll be waiting for you when it thaws out.

Pro No. 4: Notice the benefits right away.

Replacing your home’s siding and insulation can help keep the heat inside your home, increase energy efficiency, and decrease energy bills. You don’t need to wait until warmer months to take advantage of this benefit. It may be slightly cooler in your home when house wrap or building paper is removed and replaced, but that will be very temporary and worth it in the long run.

Con No. 1: It’s cold!

How cold is too cold for crews to install siding? There are no minimum temperature requirements to install vinyl, steel, cement, or wood siding. However, siding materials need to be handled carefully and installed correctly to prevent damage both now and when it warms up. That’s especially important for vinyl, which contracts when it’s cold and expands when it’s warm. Not only is it important to prevent damage to siding but also cold-related injuries for crews. For that reason, crews typically won’t work if it’s 10 degrees or colder.

Con No. 2: It can be slippery.

Safety is a top priority for contractors. Crews need to be able to safely handle materials and navigate around the project area. When it gets colder, materials like steel siding can get slippery. So can that ground, sidewalks, and driveways that crews will be walking on.

Con No. 3: Jobs can take longer.

If work days are missed due to cold or inclement weather, that adds time to the overall project, especially if snow needs to be removed in order for crews to work. Oh, and the days are shorter in the winter months, so that time needs to be made up somewhere, adding to the overall length of the project.

Con No. 4: Crews may need to return for painting and/or touch-ups.

Temperatures need to be 35 degrees or warmer in order to do painting, sealing, and/or touch-ups. That means most of that work cannot be done in the winter months, barring an unseasonably warm day, so crews will need to return in the spring to finish the job. It’s one more thing to schedule but it is otherwise a small inconvenience.

Book before it gets too busy.

Winter and spring can be a good time for siding if you let the professionals handle it. Whether you want your siding installed soon or you just want to get on the schedule, now is the time to contact the experts at Keyprime. As mentioned above, supply chain issues are affecting siding jobs, so it’s best to plan ahead to ensure that your home gets the facelift it deserves in a timely manner. 

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