Preparing for Summer: Springtime Roof Repairs

May 16, 2016

For most people, nothing is nicer than seeing the end of winter as spring approaches. However, spring brings new chores with it. You have to start mowing grass, planting your garden, and most importantly, conducting the repairs and maintenance your house needs. You may think of such repairs in terms of the things you see, such as cabinetry, lighting or paint color selection. Then again, there are more important repairs of a structural rather than cosmetic nature which needs attending to, one of which is the roof and assuring it does its job of being your first barrier against the weather.

Winter Damage
Assuming your roof was installed properly, you can rest assured it was designed to withstand the weather in your area. However, it was designed to be repaired after taking damage from the freezing weather, rain, ice, and snow that occur with the winter weather. Only by conducting a roof inspection can the damage of winter storms be assessed, which usually involves replacing a few missing shingles and making sure the flashing around chimneys and ventilation pipes is in order and functioning properly. Like most home repairs, roof repairs aren’t typically a big job if conducted promptly to mitigate further damage before it happens.

Regular Maintenance

Most years, your roof won’t have a need for intensive roof repairs but still requires regular maintenance in order to assure its original design remains intact and fulfills its duty of being your first protection against the outdoor weather. The roofing tar expands and contracts as it was meant to, but also develops cracks over time and needs to be reworked in order to maintain its ability to keep water from coming into your attic. The same holds true for the plastic boots around your exhaust pipes. On occasion, some of the nails holding your shingles down can loosen and need to either be hammered back in place or have an extra nail tapped in to assure the shingle continues to do its job.

When you think of spring cleaning, your roof is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the regular maintenance and repairs your roof needs are more important than cleaning your closet of the old clothes you never intend to wear again, as the roof is what keeps those clothes and your newer nicer clothes clean and ready to wear.

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