Modern Meets Timeless: A Deep Dive into Home Exterior Styles

October 20, 2023

Modern Meets Timeless: A Deep Dive into Home Exterior Styles

Home design is a realm where the new often intertwines with the old. While 2023 has ushered in some new home exterior trends, their roots trace back to timeless styles that have adorned homes for centuries. Keyprime stands at this unique intersection, offering services that embrace modernity while paying homage to classic designs. Let’s dive deeper.

Modern Trend: Sustainable Home Materials

Traditional homes were often constructed using locally-sourced, natural materials, making them inherently sustainable. Keyprime, drawing from this age-old wisdom, offers sustainable home materials that not only minimize environmental impact but also blend seamlessly with modern aesthetics.

Modern Trend: Textured Finish Siding

From ancient castles to Victorian homes, textured finishes have always been a symbol of elegance. Recognizing this, Keyprime offers diverse siding solutions like James Hardie & LP Smartside, ensuring homes today can wear that same timeless elegance but with increased resilience.

Modern Trend: Metallic Sheen

Reflective home materials have been used throughout history. Keyprime’s modern metal roof and steel siding encapsulates this ancient allure, blending old-world charm with cutting-edge, energy-saving technology. HGTV’s biggest shows have been on a metal & steel trend, showcasing these eye-catching materials that give homes in residential environments a wow factor.

Modern Trend: Wood Roofing

Ancient civilizations, like the creators of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, have always sought harmony with nature. Wood roofing mirrors this connection. At Keyprime, we appreciate this blend of tradition and innovation, offering cedar shake roofing that combines classic aesthetics with modern, durable technology.

Modern Trend: Glass Door Panels

Glass has always signified opulence. Keyprime's door services understand this perennial appeal. They provide contemporary doors with glass panels, transom windows & sidelights that encapsulate the spirit of ancient Roman and Gothic architectures.

Modern Trend: Copper Gutters

Copper, with its patinated look, has been used in structures like the Statue of Liberty and medieval European castles. This material ages gracefully, turning from a bright metal to a muted greenish hue over time. Keyprime’s copper gutter services allow homeowners to incorporate this ever-evolving, classic material.

Modern Trend: Black Windows, Doors, and Gutters

The use of bold, contrasting elements in design can be traced back to structures like Tudor homes, where stark black wooden beams contrasted with white plaster. The boldness of black as an architectural statement is timeless. Through Keyprime's offerings, homeowners can integrate black windows, doors, and gutters, lending a striking contrast that’s incredibly popular today.

In Conclusion:

The dance between modernity and timelessness is evident in home designs. Keyprime Roofing takes pride in bridging this gap, ensuring homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you’re seeking roofing, siding, windows, doors, or gutters, Keyprime is where classic design meets modern excellence. Embrace the blend.

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