Matching an Exterior to Your New Roof

July 18, 2016

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably dreaded the idea of your roof coming to the end of its useful life and having to replace it, while also being excited at the chance to upgrade your house with a basic change to the exterior street view of the home. You realized several years ahead of time the new roof was going to become necessary and made the appropriate plans for the project.

There are a number of reasons to go ahead and plan further upgrades at the same time. If your roof is old enough to need replacement, there are likely other aspects of the house which have become outdated. If you’re making a basic design change you’ll want to assure the rest of the house matches it. While the contractor is at your home and set up to work, it will be easier to plan the changes together and have the full job conducted.

New Gutters when Replacing a Roof

The most obvious additional change with a new roof is to replace the gutters as well. Not only do gutters work in conjunction with the roof design to move water where you want it, you’re also going to miss the cosmetic appeal of the new roof if old bent and misshaped gutters are outlining the new roof. New gutters become especially important if you’re changing the roof color so they continue to match and accent the roof rather than standing out as a different design plan.

Windows and Doors (notes)

The first thing to consider about windows and doors is they should match the roof whether you can paint them or replace them according to the what is needed to fit with the new roof style. Secondly, if the roof is old enough to need replacement new windows can also contribute to your home’s efficiency by eliminating drafts and lowering your power bills. Third, technological advancements have been made so if your windows are as old as the roof they can be upgraded to modern standards.

The same concepts apply to doors, along with the idea that new doors are going to increase the appeal and value of your home exponentially comparative to the expense of replacing them, which really isn’t very much in the grand scheme of home maintenance costs. Rather than settling for any old door that works, go ahead and install your dream door which looks great and reflects your family’s personality.

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