Low-Maintenance Siding: Tidy All Year Long

November 30, 2021

If you think of your home’s exterior like clothing, your roof would be your hat, and your siding would be your coat. Ideally, they both keep out the elements without you having to think much about them. That last part is important, which is why low-maintenance siding options like vinyl and steel are popular, especially in Minnesota.

What is vinyl siding and what are its benefits?

Vinyl siding is made by extruding, or shaping, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) into panels. It has a similar shape to wood siding, but is more affordable and easier to maintain.

Unlike other siding options, vinyl siding just needs to be cleaned once a year. You can oftentimes use a hose or power washer for such cleaning. Otherwise, soap and water with a nylon scrub pad, soft bristle brush, and/or a sponge, works well. For tough stains, use ammonia, general purpose cleaner, and/or any type of non-abrasive cleaner.

Vinyl siding’s durability contributes to it being low maintenance and cost effective. It holds up well against heavy wind and hail, and is water resistant, which protects against rotting, splitting, and corrosion. Vinyl siding does not warp or rust like some metal products. One of the best parts about vinyl siding is if something does happen to it, there is a warranty that protects it. That warranty can last up to 50 years or even longer.

Vinyl siding does not need to be painted, as its color is baked-in. Because the color goes all the way through the siding, it can never be scratched off or stripped. Vinyl siding also never needs to be caulked. The fact that vinyl siding does not need to be caulked or painted is another way that it is low maintenance and cost effective. It is also resistant to pests like termites.

The bottom line about vinyl siding:

Vinyl siding is ideal for homes in Minnesota for a couple primary reasons. It is energy efficient due to being thermally resistant, even more so if you add insulation. That comes in handy, both in the cold of winter and the heat of summer. The fact that it is low-maintenance is also a major plus for Minnesotans. After all, would you rather be on the lake or painting your siding?

What are the benefits of steel siding?

While steel is a vastly different material than vinyl, steel siding is similar to vinyl siding in a number of ways, beginning with how it is made. Steel siding panels are extruded, oftentimes on site. High-quality paint is applied to add protection, color and, sometimes, texture.

Like vinyl siding, steel siding is low-maintenance, and only needs to be hosed down once a year. However, steel siding can get scratched. In that case, that area of siding should be primed and painted promptly to prevent rust.

Steel siding also does not rot or allow for pest infestation like wood can. It doesn’t dent, either, making it better for areas where hailstorms occur.
With minimal maintenance, steel siding lasts a long time: 40 years or more.

Steel siding is different from vinyl siding in one key way: it is seamless. This is an advantage because it looks better and it eliminates the possibility of water penetrating the siding through seams.

Another way that steel siding is superior to vinyl siding is fire protection, as steel siding is fire-resistant. For all these reasons, steel siding is a good option if you want to have your siding installed and then not think much about it.

Why steel siding works well in Minnesota.

Steel siding can help keep your home cool in the summer by reflecting the sun, but it’s not as good at keeping your home warm in the winter if it is not insulated properly. However, it holds up to the elements extremely well, especially hail. That is a major benefit that cannot be overlooked. And, of course, the fact that steel siding is low maintenance is a bonus no matter where you live.

Not sold on vinyl or steel? There’s another option for you!

LP SmartSide’s low-maintenance wood siding (engineered wood) combines the warmth and color versatility of wood with the strength and durability of steel. Learn more about this unique and innovative option here.

Proper installation matters.

Regardless of what siding material you choose, how it is installed is very important. If vinyl siding is not installed correctly, it can be compromised or damaged. Steel siding is heavy and must be handled and installed the right way. The crews at Keyprime have the experience to know how best to install whatever siding you choose. Before you move forward with siding your home, be sure to contact Keyprime for a free quote.

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