Let's talk gutters: Seamless aluminum and why you want it

May 25, 2022

Let's talk gutters: Seamless aluminum and why you want it

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of gutters? Maybe you question if they’re even necessary. After all, won’t rain and melted snow just run off the roof? The problem isn’t getting water off your roof. It’s controlling where it goes from there.

Why you need gutters

Without gutters and downspouts, all that water would run down the side of your home and hit the ground right next to your foundation. This is hard on every part of your home’s exterior: your roof, soffit, fascia, siding, windows, and doors. Even worse, it can erode soil and infiltrate your foundation, weakening it over time and causing water damage in your basement. It can also water stain brick or stone and be detrimental to your landscaping and/or yard. Undiverted water can create both pathways and pools, ruining your yard and killing flowers or other vegetation.

Not only do gutters prevent damage, but they can also be useful in two other ways. They prevent water from dumping on your head when you are entering or exiting your home. They can also direct rainwater into barrels so it can be used later for watering purposes. 

Why seamless aluminum gutters are ideal for Minnesota homes

Gutters can be made of vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or copper. Aluminum gutters are lightweight like vinyl gutters, but hold up better to rain, snow, and heavy winds. They’re not prone to rust, especially the seamless variety. Painting them can prevent rust further. Overall, they are a durable option that can last 20-plus years, even in the tough Minnesota climate. All these benefits come at a more affordable cost than steel or copper gutters.

Gutters aren’t perfect

Even with all the headaches gutters can prevent, there are also a few that gutters can cause. Gutters and downspouts can clog—especially if your home is surrounded by trees that shed leaves into them—and gutter cleaning is a hassle. Birds can nest in your gutters, causing further inconvenience. Even without obstructions, gutters can only handle so much water. And, like any component of your home’s exterior, they wear out over time, tilting and pulling away from your roof.

Gutter guards make things easier

Gutter guards have many advantages:

  1. They keep your home’s foundation strong by keeping debris out of your gutters and making them more effective. This ensures that the water keeps flowing away from your home, preventing the aforementioned erosion and foundation problems.
  2. They protect your gutters from rust. Stagnant, wet debris can cause premature rust and leaks. Keeping that debris out of your gutters prevents that problem.
  3. They prevent ice damage to your home and roof. When your gutters are working as they should, they keep melting snow from refreezing and causing damaging ice dams.
  4. They protect your home from fire. Homes surrounded by trees—especially pine trees—can wind up with dry debris in gutters. A stray ember could ignite that debris.

There are many types of gutter guards

Keyprime installs three different types of gutters guards—micro-mesh, LeafProof, and LeafRelief—and they all come with a lifetime “no clog” warranty and five years of free cleaning service.

Micro-mesh gutter guards are budget-friendly and perfect for one-story homes without wooded landscaping. These gutter guards can be shaped to fit existing gutters, meaning fewer seams and perfect protection from common clogs.

LeafProof gutter guards have a patented “S-Bend” system that prevents heavy rainfall from hitting your gutter and bouncing out. Its unique shape is designed to reverse and churn water runoff, creating maximum surface tension and complete drainage.

LeafRelief gutter guards are especially helpful for homes surrounded by trees. They easily install over your existing gutters and provide maximum protection against small debris. These guards can shed 29.7 inches of water per hour. Even if an obstruction occurs, they can still handle 19 inches of water per hour. LeafRelief is made of durable vinyl, is UV resistant, stays flexible throughout the year, and is certified through the National Green Building Standard.

Let Keyprime be your one stop gutter shop

Whether you need new gutters or gutter guards installed on existing gutters, Keyprime is here for you. We can help you decide which gutter and/or gutter guard is your best option. And, our experienced installers will handle the project quickly and efficiently. Contact us for your free estimate today.

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