Is Metal Roofing Worth the Expense?

October 16, 2017

Go ahead and admit it, you want a metal roof. Everyone does, because summoning the insurance company every time a good hail storm passes through gets old. A few calls, though, and you find that a metal roof will set you back over twice as much as your average asphalt shingle system. Is metal roofing truly worth digging that deep? Since a metal installation can well be a one-and-done fixture, the answer is a roof-raising yes. Here's why.

Let Hail and Rain Strike

The Minneapolis, St. Paul metro area receives its fair share of hail and hard rains, and the larger the hail the more likely the damage to your asphalt roof. Even the cheapest metal roof can survive storms that would shred ordinary asphalt. Of course, for a multitude of reasons, you want to install a more sturdy brand of metal roofing that Keyprime Roofing and Restoration has to offer. Either way, you won't need to replace your metal roof every time hail punches divots in your neighbors' asphalt roofing systems.

No Faze, No Blaze

In spite of all the modern building codes designed to dramatically reduce the incidence of house fires, unfortunately, they still happen. Metal roofs are inherently fire-resistant, meeting the Class A standards. In the event of sparks from a chimney or a neighboring house fire, a metal roof will withstand the flames and protect your home.

Your Insurer May Reward You

With metal providing far better protection that shingles, your insurance provider may cut you some steep discounts for the favor of installing a standing seam or stone-coated steel roof. With less risk of a payout, insurers often encourage the switch with upwards of 25 percent premium reductions.

Metal Makes a Rock Star of Your House

For all the other benefits of metal, you just can't beat the looks. The clean lines and vast array of colors available in standing seam products turn any ordinary roof into one that will seize attention. Stone-coated steel options present profiles that replicate several different types of tile or wood shake while outperforming the real deal.

Get the Most for Your Money

Bear in mind that you should never cut corners just to get some kind of metal over your head, unless you enjoy migraines. Mediocrity makes for future roof repairs. Installations that use nails instead of screws won't defy the wind any better than a common roof. Hail can crease thinner steel where heavy-gauge will remain indifferent. Substituting generic components for branded ones, may, in time, invite leaks. Keyprime Roofing and Restoration never cuts corners. We go the extra mile every time. Call 952-426-0132, fill out our form, or chat with us today to learn more about the mighty wonders of metal roofing.

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