How Hiring a Siding Design Consultant Could Change Your Life

June 12, 2017

When you drive up to your home every day, what do you see? If you’re like many homeowners, you probably see an old worn-out exterior design that needs a serious upgrade. The question is, where do you start? The answer: you start with the palette; i.e., the siding. In the old days, selecting the right siding was more or less about color. Times have changed. Today’s siding offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for you to choose from so that you can target the right product. All these options, however, can make it difficult to know which products are right for you home. The answer could be that you should hire a siding design service, A.K.A, a siding design consultant.

Siding Installation: Point A to Point Z

A seasoned design consultant understands the process of completing a siding installation project. Everything begins with sitting down and discussing the vision you have for your home exterior. What do you want it to look like? Are you going for a classic timeless look or do you want something a little edgy? Do you like soft tones or deep colors? By consulting with a siding design specialist, you can begin to narrow your vision down and begin the process of executing the installation.

What Are Your Siding Choices?

Since the playing field for siding is now wide open, your most important decisions will not be color or style, but rather material and makeup. Below are some siding elements to consider:

●        Material. The main types of siding material are as follows: vinyl, brick, plaster, cement board, and wood among others. Each has their own unique set of features and benefits.

●        Durability. What is the material and labor cost factor versus how long it will last? How often will it need to be repaired?

●        Water Resistant. How permeable is it when the rains come down?

●        Installation. How long will it take to install and how much labor will be required?

●        Aesthetics. Will the siding actually look good on the outside of your home once you finally install it?

●        Energy-Efficient. Will it create an additional barrier around your home to keep the wind, moisture, and extreme temperatures from penetrating the wall?

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