Four Ways to Turn Your Home Addition into a Wise Investment

June 5, 2017


It can never be assumed that a home improvement project will add value to your property. What can be assumed is that some do not. In fact, some home projects can cause a home’s value to plummet. Before you launch that home addition project, you need to know if your extra square-footage is an investment in your home or a cautionary tale you would just as soon forget.

The key is proper research in everything associated with your addition. For instance, here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

●        How will it affect your home warranty?

●        Will it cause your insurance to skyrocket?

●        What does the current real estate market look like in your area/neighborhood?

●        Is your room flexible enough for those who live in the house after you to re-purpose it?

Make Sure the Addition Adds to the Curb Appeal

Not only will you hear it from your neighbors if you turn out an ugly room, but you’ll never get a second glance from a potential homebuyer. Here’s another thing: you now have to live with your new room. You have to look at it every day. Make sure it looks beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.

The Addition Should Display a Cohesive Design

Just like your family, your home should feel like a single unit instead of a structure that has been pieced together. The inside walls, carpet, painting, and ceiling should be fluid from the original building to the new addition. The outside should have the same siding, windows, roofing, etc. A new addition should never really feel like a new addition.

Optimize the Purpose of the Room

A room addition should be treated like brand new home construction. Since you have the opportunity to create the room from the slab up, then optimize its purpose. If it’s a new bathroom, then spend a little extra to get some bathroom perks such as a hot tub or a fully tiled walk-in shower. Building a bedroom? How about adding just a few more feet of closet space?

Build Up or Build Out?

Ultimately, the purpose of the room will determine which direction you go with your addition. Beyond that, the pros and cons argument for building up or building out goes something like this: Building up will save your yard space, but it will require twice as much labor and twice as much effort. You may also pay more in materials. Building out will save you a lot of money in both materials and labor, but you’ll lose some of your yard space.

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