Fortify Your Wood Shingle Siding With Five Protection Tips

April 17, 2017

Roof replacements, sometimes, are unavoidable. They shouldn’t happen needlessly, however. Wood siding repair can be avoided, and you can secure your home without throwing down a lot of money. If your home has wood siding, make sure you’re protecting it with these maintenance tips:

Tip One: Look for Cracked Caulk

The American Society of Home Inspectors suggests examining your wooden siding at least once per year for cracked caulk. Cracked caulk lets in moisture. It also leaves dangerous gaps within your wood siding installation. If you’re seeing cracked, flaky or even an absence of caulk, apply some color-matched exterior caulk on a dry day. Make sure it’s at least 64 degrees outside, and secure your home.

Tip Two: Clean Organic Matter

Similar to cedar shake roofing, wood siding can degrade when exposed to rotting material. Fallen leaves, sticks, dirt and other organic material grow mildew and mold. If left unchecked, minor problems can become incredibly dangerous to your home’s siding. If mildew is allowed to seep into your home’s siding, it’ll deteriorate it from within. Check the siding once per two weeks, and brush away any unwanted material.

Tip Three: Check Your Insulation

Moisture can build up within a building. You’ll need to check your insulation routinely, and double-check your attic area. Any area which can hold water is a threat, and it should be paid a lot of attention. While moisture takes a while to build up, it can cause devastating damage to your home’s wood siding.

Tip Four: Power Wash Your Siding

Every two to three years, you should give your wood siding a deep clean. Power washing can remove tough-to-reach debris which can harm your home’s cedar. If you’re going to power wash your home, however, you should use a low pressure. Your wood siding is durable, but it can be knocked away if the water is too rough.

Tip Five: Apply a Clear Coat Solution

You can purchase wood siding protection in the form of a clear coat solution. Once you’ve cleaned your home’s wood siding, apply the solution to prolong its life. Clear coat solutions slow down a wood siding surface’s weathering process, preserving its all-natural, weathered look.

Wood siding is an excellent home addition, but it’s definitely deserving of responsibility. Again, stay up to date on your home’s moisture level. Work from the inside out, targeting moisture areas and removing any harmful debris. If you take care of your home, your home will take care of you.

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