Flipping and Selling a House: The Complete Makeover

August 15, 2016

Flipping a house can be a rewarding experience both for the financial aspects of the investment and the sense of accomplishment about a job well done. It is also a lot of hard work whether your business plan calls for a contractor to address the bulk of the labor or if you intend to do as much of the work yourself as you can conduct reasonably efficiently and finish in a reasonable time frame while a contractor helps out on the side. There are some common renovation projects which are simply more reasonably done by a specialist with resources unavailable to the layman.

Siding Repair and Upgrade

In some cases, siding can be repaired if there has been minor damage from a single event. More likely with a flip house is the siding needs to be replaced or possibly upgraded. Modern vinyl and steel sidings come in a variety of new contours with or without additional insulation for better home efficiency. James Hardy siding is a fiber cement board which adds value to the house because of its rugged durability and continued beauty over the years.

New Windows

New windows add bang for the buck to any house project. Relatively inexpensive in the overall scheme of things, new windows add curb appeal and are one of the first things potential buyers notice. New windows work properly and improve the home's efficiency with better insulation and technology while providing security and eliminating uncomfortable drafts. When the buyer sees the new windows they assume you put the time and thought into properly fixing the house up which makes them less likely to look for hidden problems elsewhere in the house.

Deck and Garage

Decks add appeal to every house by providing an immediate outdoor space which is easily accessible for grilling or entertaining. With the right furniture and decorations, the deck can essentially add another room to the house when the weather allows. The garage can add further appeal whether an existing one is upgraded with cabinetry, shelving, and storage or a new built to the house, either freestanding or as an addition to the house. The potential buyer will likely have an idea of why they have to buy a house with a garage as they either want to store their daily driver indoors, have a project car or boat to store, or need the space for a workshop or other hobby.

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