Five Signs Pointing to Roof Repair

November 7, 2016

A hole in the roof indicates a repair job, but can you spot the finer details? A weakening roof isn’t always easy to pinpoint, and it’s important to make a repair decision before it’s too late. Regardless of your home’s durability, a few signs can’t be ignored. Check out the five signs experts believe justify a roof repair, and contact a professional before it’s too late.

Sign One: Exterior Painting Loss

Leaking roofs don’t always leak water directly. In fact, wall leaks are common when a roof can’t sustain rainfall. If your home’s exterior painting is thinning, splitting or bubbling, you might have an unchecked leak somewhere. Even worse: Your roof’s inner structure might be water damaged.

Sign Two: Broken Shingles

If your roof has cracked, curled or missing shingles, it might have deeper issues. Many roof repairs focusing on shingle replacement dig up inner structural issues. It isn’t surprising, either, as a roof’s lifespan can be depicted by its overall shingle health. Check your roof’s shingles after big storms, hot months and heavy snowfall, because an unprotected roof can create big problems for homeowners.

Sign Three: Attic Leaks

While attic leaks following a rainstorm understandably justify a roof check-up, too many homeowners write off “sunny day leaks” as simple piping problems. Well, they’re not totally wrong, but piping problems can worsen and result in top-of-the-house leaks if a home’s roof isn’t intact. If you’re experiencing piping issues, consider roof repairs immediately. Even metal roofing can become weak in certain areas, resulting in hefty maintenance costs.

Sign Four: High Energy Bills

If your utility costs are inflating, your roof might be damaged. Air conditioning units rely on insulation to work effectively, and a roof letting cold and warm air escape is certainly worthy of repair. If you address ventilation issues quickly, you can sidestep long-term AC expenses. If you don’t, however, you might lose bigger bucks down the road.

Sign Five: A Flashing Chimney

If your chimney flashes when you light a fire, it might be damaged. Similarly, a chimney’s surrounding roof area may flash if it’s lacking tar and roof cement. Check these areas in the dark, and consider remedying any problems with long-term, water-tight roof fittings.

Fortunately, roofs are durable. You won’t experience a collapse due to ongoing damages, but you should still take care in watching for leaks, warped paint and lost shingles. Talk to your roofing contractor, consider your options and get a quality repair job before it’s too late.

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