Five Lesser-Known Gutter Damage Causes

November 14, 2016

Today, a lot of roof replacements deal with gutter damages due to unchecked roof areas, clogged sections and jammed tree material. Gutters can be damaged in many ways, however, so you’ll need to be on the lookout for some lesser-known causes.

To preserve your home’s aesthetics, protect your gutters and root out problems before they begin, check out the following ways your gutters might be getting damaged.

One: Metal Roofing Runoff

Metal roofing is secure, clean and reliable, right? Well, not necessarily. Metal roofing creates runoff more than other roofing surfaces, resulting in unwanted gutter fill-up. Leaves and plant-matter, in particular, may corrode a gutter due to a metal roofing’s self-preserving design. Check your metal roof often. If you’re catching leaf stains, it’s a good idea to examine your gutters for unwanted plant material.

Two: Sagging Areas

Too few homeowners consider sagging to be a leading gutter damage cause. The hardware securing your gutters to your home’s fascia, while though, can wear down over time. Rain, heat and even snow can corrode the fasteners responsible for securing your hardware. Check any wood surrounding your gutters, and examine any sagging areas for degraded hardware. The cost for new fasteners, fortunately, is about one dollar.

Three: Downspout Misalignment

Your gutter system’s downspouts should be positioned several feet from the house. If they aren’t, they might drain material into your home’s foundation. Or, they can mismanage water pressure—leading to a warped gutter. Downspouts, too, are relatively inexpensive, so don’t hesitate to replace any warped downspouts misplacing water.

Four: Ice Dams

In cold areas, ice Dams may form on gutters extending to a roof’s lower edge. When this happens, water can pool, seep into a home and damage a gutter over time. Unfortunately, ice dams can form in clean gutters. To prevent ice dam formation, you’ll need to constantly examine your gutters during cold months. Make sure they aren’t clogged, and melt away any ice as soon as you find it. Ice, while seemingly harmless, can slightly bend a gutter’s interior over time.

Five: Runoff Areas

Often, gutters can be protected with simple routine maintenance. Remember to examine your roof for any problem areas, and always check out any gutter lengths cupping roof corners. These areas are big runoff zones, and they frequently cause gutter issues well before roof replacements or roof maintenance is ordered.

In any event, always hire a roofing professional if you're dealing with gutter damage. Gutters are easy to fix, and your provider might be able to assist you before repair or replacement is ever needed.

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