Exterior Home Improvement Projects

January 16, 2017

If you're like most people, you probably don't consider the possibility of home improvements during the deep winter months. The fact of the matter is, your contractor is perfectly capable of working in the winter, and there are some advantages when you utilize such an option. First, even if you want to wait until spring to start the job, the contractor can start with designs and permits and be ready to start the physical construction when you're ready. Secondly, work during the winter may take some extra time in terms of the length of the job because of shorter days and unpredictable weather, but the billable hours will remain the same and you won't be outside in the cold weather anyway so workers aren't in your way.

Freestanding Garages and Utility Buildings

Freestanding garages and utility buildings add a practical function to your home which you will use as long as you live there. Further, that same practicality is recognized and acknowledged in the form of real value the land has if you ever decide to sell. These structures can be simplistic and hold little more than utilitarian purpose or can have integral power, heat sources, or essentially be a finished interior structure according to your needs. The best way to approach such a project is to explain your wants and needs to your contractor and in turn listen to what he can offer as reasonable options. You can trust that he has done this before and has the experience to build the structure you've always wanted.

Home Additions

Home additions are similar to freestanding buildings but require a different approach. There is going to be a temporary hole in the side of your house while the structure is being erected, and then there is going to be ongoing work to finish the project. The contractor is going to do everything they can to make life as easy as possible for you during the project, but you may have to make temporary accommodations for the work as it is going on. You can trust it will be worth it, years from now you'll still be enjoying the extra space in your home and won't even remember how you had to sleep in a guest room or watch TV in the dining room for a few days while the project was active. As with every other construction project, planning is the key to making it go smoothly and then you'll be glad you had the work done.

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