Eco-Friendly Metal Roofing

July 11, 2016

In today’s world of building materials and techniques, metal roofing is becoming more and more popular among homeowners and contractors alike. Metal roofing is more environmentally friendly than traditional asphalt shingles for manufacture, installation, and usage. Metal roofs last longer with less maintenance and upkeep than traditional roofs. Furthermore, because metal roofs come as modular panels customized to fit each specific project they’re used with, they are easier and faster to install than individually nailed roofing shingles.

Not What It Once Was

Traditionally, metal roofs were considered an inexpensive way to cover barns and utility buildings, or perhaps a cheap solution for homeowners who couldn’t afford a proper roof. This is no longer the case. Modern metal roofs have features previously unavailable and come in a variety of colors and design styles to not only match the rest of the home’s exterior but to compliment and highlight it.

Insulated Panels

The most noticeable change to modern metal roofing design is the insulated panels which interlock for ease of installation. The insulation is designed to accomplish a few goals. First, they add R-Value to the home, cutting down on power bills for heating and cooling. Secondly, the insulation dampens noise traditional metal roofs were notorious for during storms. Finally, they are built sturdily enough to resist traditional damage caused by hail and ice storms, and there are no shingles to be blown away with wind damage.

Astonishing Designs

Modern metal roofing can provide the look of rustic simplicity without the problems associated with traditional metal roofing or they can add a formal elegance to the outside of your home through the use of intricate design lines and contours. They are available in any color you can imagine, whether you prefer the traditional hues from a chromatic color wheel palette or like the idea of metallic colors to accent particular features of your home. If you later decide to change your home’s appearance, the color of a metal roof can be easily changed with appropriate outdoor paints.

Metal roofs are the wave of the future for American homes and buildings in general which have pitched roofing systems. They have greater efficiency in practical usage comparative to traditional roofs, look as nice if not nicer, and are far more eco-friendly to manufacture, or to recycle as needed should they ever need to be replaced due to disaster damage buildings sometimes sustain from storm or fire.

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