Customized Decking Systems

January 26, 2016

A deck is a nice feature for any home in that it provides an outdoor haven where  you relax alone or entertain guests. A standard deck is great in and of itself, but you should also consider the customized options available. Customization is not just limited to built-in tables and seating, but actually turns a deck platform into a deck system with specific functional areas providing an interesting architectural detail to the home.

Multi Level Homes

Split level houses and multi level homes are especially conducive to custom built decking systems. Other than the main deck which is typically entered from the den, there can also be an outdoor cooking and grilling area attached directly to the kitchen or dining room. Bedrooms on the upper levels can have their own private decks whether as individual stand alone platforms or connected with stairs and catwalks to the rest of the deck areas.

Connected Deck "Rooms"

When the different layers of decking are joined they will serve different functions according to your needs. You may want a hot tub tucked away to provide a sense of privacy while a grill may be placed in a large common area. A semi-private deck outside your bedroom can be a quiet place to read and sunbathe in the summer. It can be greatly relaxing to have a private space which extends the sense of privacy and seclusion of your bedroom to the outdoors with the sound of nature.

Layered Platforms

Such layered platforms of customized decking can be strategically arranged beyond simply being suitable for the personal needs of you and your family. When properly balanced and planned, the deck can add beauty and value to your home. Imagine how a ground level patio can extend up steps to a deck outside the kitchen with a catwalk connecting it to another main segment of decking. Part of the main deck may be shaded by another independent deck above it. Not only is the system intriguing to look at, but each portion serves its own purpose.

You probably think of decks and being outdoors as a summer activity. With available fire pits, any deck can be used throughout the year. There are ways to enclose a deck with glass and wind shields to make a usable place in winter. Ultimately, the only thing which limits the function of a deck is the originality and creativity of the designer.

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