Building Decks 101- What you Need to Know

April 4, 2016

Whether you’re having a new house built or remodeling an older home to meet modern standards, you’ve likely considered how the deck is going to function. It may be a place for entertaining and grilling, or it might essentially be an extra room where you like to spend your free time when the weather permits. The intended purpose is likely going to dictate whether you want a large or small deck and whether you incorporate customized features or a basic generic style design.

Concept and Design

The concept of deck building design is as extensive as your imagination and creativity can dream of. Built in shelves, tables, and benches can be a nice feature. Custom cabinetry designed for outdoor use can be incorporated, or the deck can remain fairly simple with outdoor furniture used to make it suit your needs. The best way to determine the design is to look through pictures of other deck projects and discuss your likes with a building contractor.

Hiring a Contractor

Of course, not all contractors are the same. You’ll want to discuss your plans with at least two or three contractors and receive estimates on the project before making a decision about who to hire. Remember, price is not the only consideration. If two contractors have vastly different pricing they probably are approaching the job the same way, so you’ll need to consider who is going to a job which better suits your needs and which one is going to be easier to work with through the project.

Finished Product

Like any building project, the end game is the finished product and how nice it looks along with how well it functions. With a bit of time and thought beforehand and plenty of planning between you and the contractor, you can rest assured your project is going to go smoothly and be finished according to your expectations while remaining within time and budget requirements.

When your new deck is finished, you know you’re going to love it. After the amount of time that goes into the project, you’ll likely find yourself using the deck much more than you had originally anticipated. Whether you wrap up for a cool autumn evening or sunbathe in a bathing suit during the summer, you’re going to enjoy spending the extra time outdoors as much as possible.

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