Beyond Spring Cleaning: Renovations and Upgrades

June 6, 2016

According to your personality, you either look forward to or dread the chore of spring cleaning. Either way, you’re happy and proud of your home after the task is completed. Beyond cleaning, spring is also a great time to have renovations made to upgrade your house and its appeal on a personal level while adding value to the home.

Roofs and Gutters

Roofs and gutters are likely the last thing you have on your mind when you live in or look at a house. However, they work together to provide a basic structural aspect and cosmetic appeal to your home. Roofing withstands the worst weather nature can provide and requires maintenance or occasional repair. Gutters eventually begin to sag and need to be reset or perhaps replaced. These relatively simple jobs are part of home ownership and assure your house will provide for your family while you live there and maintain value should you decide to sell.


Siding establishes the very nature of the atmosphere and appeal of your house. Cement board siding establishes a rugged durability which makes your house a home. Vinyl looks great and can be changed out if you decide you’d like a different color or form on the outside of your house, which in turn will make the home take on a feeling of newness. Cedar siding always has and will provide a timeless elegance of class and quality to the outside of your house. Regardless of your preference and tastes, new siding is a way to make your home look and feel new again.


Windows add a flavor and sense of personality to your home. Although it’s an easy decision with a newer home to replace windows for energy savings and to have better quality upgraded windows, sometimes an older home may have windows you feel you should keep. Never fear, modern windows are available which replicate the original design you’ve come to love, with one minor difference. They actually work. They close securely to keep your power bills down and open when you want to let in some fresh air.

Spring cleaning is more than simply having your winter clothes dry cleaned and stored. It’s more than washing your house inside and out to make it pretty again. Spring cleaning is a time to incorporate all the things, or a few of the things, you’ve always wanted to do to make your house a more comfortable home.

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