5 Ways to Weatherize Your Home

August 7, 2017

Whether you’re dealing with below zero weather in the winter or high humidity and hot temperatures during the summer, weatherizing your home can keep your property value high, extend the life of your house, and keep your maintenance and repair costs low. Below are some practical tips for weatherizing your home.

Take Care of the Roof

Weatherizing your home should always start from the top down. The reason for this is because the roof takes on most of Mother Nature’s abuse. A roofing system has to be UV-resistant, wind-resistant, and water-resistant. Weatherizing it would include the following.

●        Replace or repair the roofing material. If you have asphalt shingles, then make sure every shingle is in good shape.

●        Make sure the roofing system is properly ventilated. Poor ventilation causes air and moisture to buildup inside the attic.

●        Reseal the roof ridge, chimney area and flashing and any other area of the roof where an object is penetrating through the decking.

Inspect and Repair the Siding

The siding is the first line of defense on the outside of your house’s walls. When properly sealed and in good condition, siding can create an energy-efficient interior. You can weatherize your home by inspecting the siding and making the necessary maintenance on the siding boards. Repairing siding is a quick and affordable solution for sealing your home from the outside elements. Inspect the siding for damages, holes, loose connections, or opening in the corners, top, and bottom of the house.

Resealing the Windows

Once you have the outside of your home sealed off from the weather, it’s time to start looking at the inside. A great place to begin is by tightening up the windows. Check the caulk to ensure that there is a tight seal. If not, you can replace the windows with new, stronger caulk.

If you have a house with a basement, then don’t forget the basement windows. An easy way to tell if your windows have lost their seal is to place your hand around the edge of the frame. If you feel wind coming in, then it’s time to reseal the window. In some cases, you may need to replace your old windows.

Replace the Old Insulation

If you’re house is not properly insulated, then you’re losing money every month. Insulation provides the greatest amount of protection for your home. It is recommended that you hire a professional contractor to inspect your home to find out where the air or moisture is getting through. Replacing the old insulation with fresh new insulation is a quick and easy process that can preserve the inside of your home for several decades.

Don’t Forget the Garage

As you are weatherizing your home you need to remember the garage. Your focus should be on the house side of the garage. Do you have any windows or doors that lead from the main house into the garage? These should be sealed off. You can reinforce this by resealing any windows, doors, or outside vents along the wall. Sealing off your garage will not make a huge difference in weatherizing your home, but every little bit counts.

Keyprime Roofing and Remodeling provides a wide range of weatherization services that including full installation, repair, and replacement of all components in your home. Call us today and let us help you protect your home from the outside elements. You can reach us at 952-426-0132.

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